In the past couple of weeks, fansites from Europe visited Electronic Arts for their Fan Event. Much information has been released on The Sims 2 Freetime, TheCallumus (a member) over at The Sims BBS has compiled a huge list of most of the features from Freetime.


  • New sub-neighborhood: Desiderata Valley!
  • 5 new careers! (Oceanography, Dance, Intelligence, Entertainment and Architecture)
  • New creature: Genie in a bottle. (The Genie is an NPC however)


  • 124 new objects!!
  • Objects include hobby items, cars, telephones, nursery set, kitechen appliances, lights, furniture and decorations.
  • Special craftable objects that can only be made by certain hobby workbenches in similar fashion to OFB.
  • New walls and floors.
  • New hairstyles and clothes for all ages, including the winners of the H & M Runway designs!
  • New neighborhood decorations include railways and observatories.
  • New aspiration and career rewards.
  • Special computer object, which cannot be bought in Buy Mode. (For all newly moved in families, an NPC by the name of Mr. Humble will leave a package containing the Llama computer at the Sim’s front door. The Sims 3 is pre-installed on this machine only!).
  • New video games, including MySims, Spore and Fifa 08
  • There’s also a painting of a TS3 neighborhood, which asserts that the game will feature contiguous neighborhoods.


  • New Lifetime Aspiration meter (This meter is between the influence and normal aspiration meters and rises with special events in a Sim’s life such as a first kiss or wedding. Every time the meter rises you gain points which can be spent on special perks, in similar fashion to Open For Business. One perk track focuses on the Grilled Cheese Aspiration. Another focuses on slowing the decay of certain needs.).
  • Success in the lifetime aspiration meter allows Sims to choose a secondary aspiration (This is the only other way to select the Grilled Cheese aspiration. Choosing a secondary aspiration merges the two together, so wants/fears and aspiration based bonuses from both aspirations are avaliable to your sim).
  • Sims now have a Weekly Goal, which can be fulfilled to gain rewards (At the end of every week, a pop-up message will appear saying what the sim’s new goal of the next week is).
  • Sims have special bonuses that differ based on aspiration.


  • There are 10 hobbies.
  • Progress in each of these hobbies is tracked by meters (that resemble the skill meters) in a new section of the simology panel identified by a kite icon. There are 10 stages of each of these meters.
  • Success in these meters allows a sim to join secret societies, each with their own club house secret lot with objects based around the club’s particular hobby and where sims can meet other sims who share the same interests and skills.
  • Sims can enter competitions to win prizes, such as trophies, and can also win simoleans.
  • New Talent Badges. (Including Sewing, which determines which objects you can create).
  • Sims can create internet blogs and browse websites about their hobbies.


  • Sims now have Lifetime Friends. These friends are indentified by yellow smiley face icons. Lifetime friends have special interactions and the relationship is less likely to decay with them.
  • Sims can now age together at the same time with 3 other friends, allowing other sims to grow up with your sim.


  • Custom radio stations
  • Sims can now watch movies on the T.V.

Source: The Sims BBS