I miss creating objects for The Sims. I had a very good process going, but then Sims 2 came along and everybody jumped to that bandwagon. I couldn’t keep up with the switch and ended up loosing my ability of creating objects.

Back when The Sims 1 was around, you could find a lot of my work on many sites. My objects are/were on 7 Deadly Sims, the 8th Deadly Sim (Adult Sims Paysite, NSFW), Livin-It Up, The Sims Resource, Sims On a Stick, and possibly some more that I may have forgotten about.

Thanks to a Yahoo Sims Group called Saving the Sims, you can download all of the objects that I created from Livin-It Up. I don’t believe they exist anymore, so this is possibly the only place now to grab them. Check out the picture below for some of the objects I created in the past.