Well, they finally spilled the beans from yesterday’s post about a huge announcement for SimCity Societies. According to SimLeaderKB in this thread, they plan on introducing more challanges into the game for the hardcore gamers.

Think being Mayor is an easy job? After the next SimCity Societies game update you’ll think again.
We are proud to announce the introduction of three new Strategic Modes of play, Basic, Hardcore and Nightmare, which will stretch your city-building skills to the limit. They will be introduced in the next game update, which is now in production and scheduled to be released soon.

Each of the Strategic Modes provides a progressively more rigorous test of your mayoral skills. Unlike Creative play, Strategic play offers no free ride with respect to your treasury, and city planning. Careful attention must be paid to your budget, and all construction decisions must be shrewdly considered. You will also need to manage your Sims’ happiness with a more watchful eye.

With great challenges come great rewards, Strategic play offers new trophies for success within each new mode. If you master Basic Strategic Mode, you can then advance to Hardcore. If you manage to overcome Hardcore, then you can try your hand at Nightmare.

This update also includes four new UI treatments for Authoritarian, Capitalist, Cyberpunk and Industrial cities, improved support for mods that use custom building textures, optimizations and crash fixes.

Keep watching simcity.com for updates! We will announce the launch date for this update as soon as we can.

SimLeaderKB & The SimCity Team

This is great, yeah…but I think it is more important to work on the fixes BEFORE adding in more game options. Because you never know what else these new options might bring in terms of problems…

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