I can’t even express my thoughts on this subject…All I can say is this is crazy that folks would actually use real money…on bobble head images. I can see purchasing real bobble heads, but this is really stretching it. Using Facebook, you can now add your own MySims bobblers to your profile page…

Welcome to Bobblers! Why gift boring images when you can send and collect Bobblers!

With this application, you can buy and exchange limited edition, collectible Bobblers with your friends. Here are the rules:

* You start out with $5 in your account
* Each Bobbler costs $0.50-$1.00
* You earn 50 cents for every friend who adds the app. when you invite them
* You can recharge your account with real money too

Remember, every Bobbler is a limited edition, one-of-a-kind collectible. So build up your collection and trade with your friends when they run out at the store.

Got ideas for improvement? Let us know what you think. Have fun!

If you are into this kind of stuff, then you can visit the official Bobbler’s page.

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