Errr, this is kind of awkward. I need your help, so if you are reading this and you are tech savvy with hooking up DVD players and other electronics, please give me a hand.

I got a DVD player for Christmas and I want to use it’s S-Video output. I already have my TV box and my Wii hooked to an S-Video Selector Box, so I planned to use that to hook my DVD player up. The DVD player came with the standard composite cables of red, white, and yellow. I had to use that until today when I went to Walmart and picked up an S-Video Cable. Well, I unhooked the yellow connector and hooked up the S-Video connector. I no longer get an image 🙁

Well, I hooked up the yellow connector and kept my S-Video cable plugged in. I now see my image, but it is dark. If I take off my S-Video hookup, it becomes bright – like it should be. I thought the S-Video cable is suppose to make the image sharper, but all it does for me is darken the image. Am I using the wrong cable?

If you have any idea on how to fix this issue, please drop a comment or email me. I have a backlog of DVD’s to start watching. I know it’s not a huge jump from composite to S-Video, but if it is an option, I want to use it.