Well…it looks like I have ran into the same issue that I had in the past. Nothing to post! Not a thing! I know I can write up random articles on movies that I saw or that I am anticipating (National Treasure 2 comes to mind). Even video games! But I’d be writing them for no point.

Sim news in general has been quite. So I guess I could focus on adding improvements to the site to benefit you better. Problem is, I cannot think of anything. What is this site missing? Should I cover other simulation/Maxis games? If so, what games? Should I try to create a giant database/faq on Sim-related problems? A few of those exists, I know. But this site has always been about serving the community with useful tools and information.

So if you have any ideas, any that you can think of – even improvements, then please either leave a comment or email me directly at Judhudson@knology.net. Give me some work to do!