Imagine Cheetah Babyz

Limburg, The Netherlands –October 23, 2007– Cheetah announced today that fans of his popular sims video game site, The Sims Zone and his girlfriend’s (Rosie) site , SimsNetwork, can visit their sites to see their proud baby boy, Seth! He is part of “Imagine Cheetah Babyz“, a real life bundle of joy which will allow his parents to participate on a variety of magnificent things soon to happen.

Whether Seth is relaxing in his luxury crib, visiting with the family, or exploring the culture of their house, he’ll enjoy new activities to relax and to frustrate his parents. With Imagine Cheetah Babyz, you’ll have tons of fun!

Imagine Cheetah Babyz will be available in the Netherlands and wherever else Seth’s parents plan to travel. In order to run Imagine Cheetah Babyz, check the specs below:


OS: Clickstart My First Computer

CPU: Slow until he learns to crawl, which then becomes lighting fast

RAM: Very little at the moment, but hopes to increase over time

Hard Drive: At least a whole room needed of free space to roam

Sound: Oh, it’ll keep you up all night, trust me 😉

Video: The best there is to offer, the graphics are so similiar to real life, you won’t be able to tell the difference!

All kidding aside, I have to say: CONGRATULATIONS, CHEETAH AND ROSIE!!!!