As much as I anticipate the game (even though a lot of you have to disagree on it being called “SimCity”) there is already a patch for the game. Today is the release date! I guess they couldn’t fix all of the issues on time. Well, rather to bash them, at least they got their priorities straight and got the fix out of the door!

I’ll try to pick up Societies sometime this week. Super Mario Galaxy comes out today and I have to purchase that first (TRU is offering a free $25 gift card when you buy the game, so I’ll use it for Societies making it only $25!). Once I do get it, I’ll write my review on the game as well as some tutorials to get the ball rolling.

As for the update for SimCity Societies, here is a list of changes after the jump…

  • 2 exclusive buildings & 2 terrain maps
  • Improved install experience for custom content downloads
  • Optimized shadows
  • Fixed a random crash bug
  • Improved localized text
  • Improved pollution UI
  • Improved effectiveness of Power Purchase special action