Ever since I switched over to WordPress, it has made updating a whole lot easier. Not to mention, I can even create changes in the layout with ease! So I’m giving it a shot and I’ll be going with a Christmas theme until Christmas is over. I hope it doesn’t take away from the site, as the original design will be back once the holiday season is over.

Speaking of the holiday season, did anybody get a chance to watch “Shrek the Halls” on ABC last night? It was great, much better than Shrek the Third. Even though he is annoying, Donkey is my favorite along with Puss and Boots. The way the animators handle their expressions….is downright awesome.

I took the time to create an animated gif of perhaps the cutest (yes, I’m not afraid to use that word) animation on the net of today. If this does not make you smile, you have no soul.

Shrek the Halls, Puss in Boots, Christmas Hat

Oh, and before I leave, can there ever be such a thing as too many tutorials? I added about 30+ tutorials to The Sims 2 section today, and more will be added this weekend. Enjoy everybody!