This is my pride and joy, my 73 Charger SE dressed up like the General Lee. Why? Well, at the time I bought the car back in November of 2004, I didn’t have the funds to spend on the correct year Charger that they used on the show. They were just too much money and are hard to find. So when I found a 73 Charger locally and at a great price, I just had to get it!

1973 Dodge Charger General Lee

It needed a lot done, but after a year or so of hard work, it came out great! Right now it is sporting a…decent hemi-orange paint job (my dad and I painted it ourselves, it was our first time painting a car), nice black interior, and a 400 Big Block Engine. The engine bay is nothing to be proud of, but it runs tough. Every time it is on the road we always have to honk our Dixie Horn.

Tons more pics if you hit the jump!

First picture of completed restoration!

I won the 2006 Hooter’s Girl Choice Award!

The Hooter’s girls sitting on the doors

My car at the 2007 TVMC Mopar Show in Huntsville, AL

At the Argo, AL drive-in theater waiting for John Schneider to appear!

My car at a friend’s shop who restores Chargers and makes General Lee’s

The Hooter’s Girls at our local car club 2007 Mopar Show

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Hey nice General.
I’m getting a ’73 in December from a friend and I was wondering, where did you get the horn? I’ve been searching and all I can find are cheapy, out of tune ones, that I would be embarassed to put onto my car.




Hey Matt,

The horn I use is a Wolo horn –

It did sound horrible when I got it, so I had to spend some time adjusting it. Turns out the colored rings on the compressor were not put on properly to match the colored rings on the horns (connected with hose tubing). I mixed and matched the notes until I finally had it sounding correctly.

Just out of curiosity, have you visited the Confederate General Lee Fan Club site yet (CGLFC)? A lot of us Dukes fans chit-chat and are happy to answer and to give you advice on your project 🙂


I think the car is a sweet idea even if it is the wrong year. kudos on the origanality and the do-it-yourself paint. My two centas though, the general had a tan interior. I can’t believe you actually got the paint right, even the flag is in the right place. good job!


Thanks. Yeah, at the time I was still learning about the color of the interior. There are actually a number of colors they used. I believe Buckskin was one…My choice of preference though would have been Saddle Tan. 🙂


That soo dosent look like the General Lee!


Ive got a 73 charger and i want to know where your buddy gets his supplys from so i can buy the parts I need to restore my car.

Judhudson is a good place, and if you need a hard to find part, Stephen’s Performance in Alabama will have it – but he’s very pricey.


Hi, I would like to know the color code.