The Sims FreePlay

Create your town with endless possibilities in The Sims FreePlay, a mobile game available on iOS and Android. Find all of the latest news and exclusive video walkthroughs right here!

The Sims FreePlay: Holiday Update

Firemonkey, the developer of The Sims FreePlay, have shared a video of the Holiday Update which is coming soon!Some of the new features include:Helping...

The Sims Freeplay: Mystery Island Walkthrough

A walkthrough for Mystery Island, a new island in the recent Freeplay update, has been posted online by the developers of the game.[youtube]

The Sims Freeplay: Neighbours Update

Another update is on the way for The Sims Freeplay! In the next update, which is coming soon, you'll be able to visit other...

Sims FreePlay Climate Control Update Now Available!

Have the Sims FreePlay? Well then, get the new update today for another visit from the Alien and weather! [youtube]

UPDATED: OTHER GAMES AFFECTED AS WELL..Interesting Sims Medieval Facebook Development

This post has been updated, scroll down for update The Sims Medieval is one of my favourite I'mboredsowhattodo games, and like many things I like...

Freeplay: Ready for the next level?

Just had this arrive in my email inbox, are you ready for multi-story homes in The Sims Freeplay?

Sims Freeplay Update Coming Soon

With the recent announcement that The Sims Social and SimCity Social are closing down soon (remember to use your SimCash and Diamonds soon, they...

New Sims FreePlay Update

FreePlay has had a tiny corner of my heart reserved for a while now, and the new update looks like it may suck me...

The Sims Freeplay Celebrates One Year!

The Sims Freeplay celebrates it's first year of operation. Check out this fun image below featuring highlights from The Sims Freeplay's first year. ...

The Sims FreePlay Holiday Update: Coming Soon!

Another trailer has been uploaded for the upcoming update, it looks great! [youtube]