The list below consists of cheats for SimCity 4.  If you happen to know of a cheat that isn’t listed, I’d be glad to add it! Just head on over to the Contact Us page and fill out the form (I would need to know the name of the game and the description of the cheat).

During the game, hit Ctrl+Alt+Shift+X to bring up the Cheat Box. Type one of the following and hit Enter.

[tab:SimCity 4 / Rush Hour]
Get More Simoleons

Remove Power Requierements

Remove Water Requierements

You don’t deserve it
Unlock All Rewards

Toggle Clock

WhatTimeIzIt #
Set Daytime To #

WhereRUFrom “name”
Change The Name Of The City

HelloMyNameIs “name”
Change your Mayor Name

SizeOf #
Magnify To #

Toggle Cell Warnings

Starts the Animation Recorder

Green Tinge On Map

Hide empty zone color

Turns the daily planners’ into llamas

Display terrain values when query button is on

Display frame rate

flora off
Removes all trees from empty terrain. This process is not reversible.

sizeof “zoom”
Changes the game magnification to the given value. Acceptable values are 0-64 with 0 being the least magnified

Reactivate God mode
To reenter God mode after you have created your City, hold [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] and click the “God Mode” button. The tools will not be the post-establishment tools, but will revert back to pre-city tools. They will remain that way as long as you stay in God mode, otherwise they go back to normal.

Animation Recorder
Have you ever wanted to show off your city in a cool video file? Now you can, using the built in “recorder” feature:

  • Open the cheat box by pressing CTRL+X and enter the code “recorder
  • Upon entering the code, the following applet will appear:
  • Simply enter the Name you would like to call the animation, the Rate in milliseconds between frames, the Time in seconds to record for, and select which type of Output format, you want to use.
  • Click the Start button to begin recording. While recording feel free to move around your city, or even build things. Anything that happens inside the box will be recorded.
  • After recording finishes, the recorder will ask if you want to save the images. If you select Yes, it will place them in My Documents\SimCity 4\RecordedAnimations under the name animation_name ###_###, where ###_### identifies the order of the images in the sequence.
  • Click the Close button to close the recorder.
  • Use a program like Jasc Animation Shop to create a .AVI file from the images.

You can change the area of the screen that is to be recorded, by dragging around the outline box that appears on the screen while the recorder is open. You can also drag the edges of the box to change the size of the recording space.

Neverending resources/garbage disposal
By giving you the ability to exchange resources between your cities, the game opens itself up for all kinds of abuse.

The big scam is that time only passes if you actually load a city. If you fill a city with nothing but power plants, water pumps, and landfill (and the appropriate connections) and then never open it up again, you can send in garbage and take out water and power without ever having to worry about paying upkeep or running out of landfill space. Not what the developers intended, but certainly a worthy trick.

Quick Money
Use the following trick to quickly accumulate money:

1. Press [Ctrl]+ X
2. Type “weaknesspays”
3. Hold [Left Shift]
4. Press [Enter]
5. Press [Cursor Up]
6. Press [Enter]
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6; you will get $1000 each time.

Alternately, press [Ctrl] + X to display the console window. Type “weaknesspays”, but do not press [Enter]. Highlight the word using the mouse, then press [Ctrl] + C to copy the text. Press [Enter], then press [Ctrl] + X to open the console window again. Hold [Ctrl] and press V to paste the text, then press [Enter], without releasing [Ctrl]. Keep pressing V then [Enter] while holding [Ctrl] while the console window is still open to amass as much money as desired.