The list below consists of cheats for Spore and it’s expansions.  If you happen to know of a cheat that isn’t listed, I’d be glad to add it! Just head on over to the Contact Us page and fill out the form (I would need to know the name of the game and the description of the cheat).

During the game, hit Ctrl+Shift+C to bring up the Cheat Box. Type one of the following and hit Enter.

[tab:Spore Creature Creator]

Lists all of the known cheats

Gives you more DNA points to spend

Clears the cheat console

Lists the last commands in the command history

Movie cheat

Lists and sets the options of the Creator Creator

Quit the Creature Creator

Creature Creator Tips:

  1. Use Hearbear ears for really expressive eyebrows!
  2. To create a realistic looking creature, look at a reference picture at the same time.
  3. Jellybutton makes a great flowerpot, shirtcuff, or if nested, robot style retractable arm.
  4. Narrow one or two vertices where you’re sticking the legs. This will help them integrate with the body better.
  5. Nest Overhear ear parts to create alien looking antennae.
  6. Attach an arm, remove the hands, then remove all segments but one (using the control key) to make nubby, cartoonlike arms or legs.

Spin the Galaxy (Easter Egg):

Want to see the face of the God of Spore? Then in the main menu (with the two buttons of Create-A-Creature and Load a Creature), take your mouse and click the center of the galaxy. Drag it real fast and if you are quick enough, you will see what I mean!

Thanks to Fenrir Kar for the tip!


Lists all of the known cheats

help (command)
Explains action and usage of a command

colladaexport (requires Spore Patch 1.05)
Allows you to export your creatures to a .dae (Collada format) so you can import them into a 3D program like Maya

levels -unlock
Unlocks all levels of the game (you won’t be able to earn some achievements by using this!)

styleFilter -oilPaint
Allows you to see the world as a painted masterpiece by adding this filter to the game

styleFilter -filmNoir
Gives the game a black and white look to it

styleFilter – microscope (requires Spore Patch v1.01)
Game is in black and white, everything is outlined. Looks like you are looking thru a microscope.

styleFilter – norainbows (requires Spore Patch v1.01)
Turns the lighting down for better realism.

styleFilter – nextgen (requires Spore Patch v1.01)
Adds a little bit more realism to the textures (gritty/bright, not as cartoon looking) to the game.

stylefilter -none
Removes the filters and the gameplay visuals return to normal

Increase how much DNA you have to spend.

Captures a spinning GIF of the planet you are on and dumps to AnimatedAvatars directory.

Toggles free camera mode.

freedom [on|off]
Toggle Editor Complexity Limits

Removes all hints from the game.

Increases your money in Civilization or Space stages.

Replenishes depleted health and other motives.

setConsequenceTrait (trait)

  • cell carnivore
  • cell_herbivore
  • cell_omnivore
  • creature_aggressive
  • creature_social
  • creature_mixed
  • tribe_aggressive
  • tribe_social
  • tribe_mixed
  • civ_military
  • civ_economic
  • civ_religious
  • space_bard
  • space_ecologist
  • space_zealot
  • space_diplomat
  • space_scientist
  • space_trader
  • space_shaman
  • space_warrior
  • space_wanderer
  • space_knight

SetTime (h, m)
Sets time of day at the Avatar’s position, and optionally a speed multiplier.

Unlock Creation Tools in Space

Unlocks all superweapons for your Civilization type.

evoadvantage (requires Spore Patch v1.01)
Before you start a new creature game, enter this cheat so you will be able to choose a more evolved creature in the Sporepedia to start of the creature stage!

blocksmode (requires Spore Patch v1.01)
Turns creatures into their blocky representations!

Skip the Movies
Not necessarily a cheat, but by pressing the ESC key everytime a cutscene plays, it will skip it so you won’t have to watch.

[tab:Spore Galactic Adventures]

Black and white with a film grain

Sepia tone

Dull colors

16-bit pixelation

8-bit pixelation

Default filter

colladaexport (requires Spore Patch 1.05)
Allows you to export your creatures to a .dae (Collada format) so you can import them into a 3D program like Maya