The Sims 4 Perfect Patio Stuff Pack Guide



Lure your Sims outside with hot tubs, new furnishings, décor, hairstyles, and more in The Sims™ 4 Perfect Patio Stuff. Fire up the grill and change into something more casual so you can lounge in style. Serve up tasty refreshments with the new patio bar and unwind to the soothing bubbles of the hot tub – it’s hot, but not too hot.

  • Relax in a hot tub. Add a hot tub to your Sims’ patio! Let the bubbles melt your stress away, or splash around with friends. Handy Sims can upgrade each hot tub to include a stereo and even aromatherapy!
  • Chill outside, pool-side. Create an open-air lounge by the pool with a variety of stylish furnishings and décor. Heat things up on the new barbecue grill and serve up some refreshments at the new patio bar.
  • Dress down, kick back. Show the other Sims you know how to really relax outside with lots of casual, comfortable clothing options including swimsuits and slim-fit polos. Top it all off with new hairstyles and there’s no doubt who rules the laid-back look.


Perfect Patio Stuff brings new attire for your Sims to enjoy.

[tab:Adult Male]




Full Body Outfits

[tab:Adult Female]



Full Body Outfits



Perfect Patio Stuff marks the return of Hot Tubs, brings along 29 new buy mode objects and a new fountain in build mode.

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New Gameplay Object

In Perfect Patio Stuff, the new gameplay object is the hot tub! Making it’s grand debut in The Sims 4, the hot tub brings a variety of new interactions and things for your Sims to do.

06-27-15_4-00 PM

Your Sims can skinny dip, set the light colour, or just hop in and relax! For the first time ever, children can use the hot tub and up to eight Sims can sit in it at one time!

Once Sims are in the hot tub, they can interact and chat. If they are romantically involved, they can even make a move, make out and even WooHoo in the hot tub… that’s right, the hot tub is the all-new WooHoo location for your Sims!

06-27-15_3-58 PM

Stylised Rooms

The Sims 4 Perfect Patio Stuff brings one stylised room for you to effortlessly plop down into your game.

06-27-15_3-21 PM

Radio Stations

The Sims 4 Luxury Party Stuff has a new radio station called ‘Backyard’ which features new music for your Sims to listen to.

  • Like No One’s Watching by Henningsons
  • Longneck Weekend by CJ
  • All Nighter by Lindsay Ell
  • Make Me Feel Good by Natalile Stovall
  • Feel Good Girl by Brent Rupard