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Create your town with endless possibilities in The Sims FreePlay, a mobile game available on iOS and Android. Find all of the latest news and exclusive video walkthroughs right here!

Sim painting

Third Teaser for Upcoming Sims FreePlay Update

The Sims FreePlay team have shared a third teaser for their next game update!This time, it features a Sim potentially sketching or painting a...

Another Teaser for Upcoming Sims FreePlay Update

Following the first teaser that we shared earlier on today, it looks like the FireMonkey's team can't resist sharing more glympses at their upcoming...
Sims FreePlay

Teaser Released for Upcoming Sims FreePlay Update

The FireMonkeys team do love to tease their upcoming updates, and the next one is no exception to that rule!The official Twitter page has...

SimGuruVix Announced as Community Manager for The Sims Mobile Titles

SimGuruVix, who has been the community manager for The Sims FreePlay for quite a while, has been officially announced as the new community manager...
Grand Garages Live Event

Garages Arrive in The Sims FreePlay With New Grand Garages Update

A new update has arrived for The Sims FreePlay where your Sims can finally get their own garages!You can now take your Sim’s dream...

EA FireMonkeys Studio, Developer of The Sims FreePlay, Hit By Layoffs

In recent weeks it seems that the video games industry has been plagued with a variety of layoffs at various developers. Activision, the developers...

The Sims FreePlay Sophisticated Socialite Live Event

It's time for another year of awesome content from the Firemonkeys team, developers of The Sims FreePlay!To kickstart the New Year, they have launched...

The Sims FreePlay Missing Claus Seasonal Quest Walkthrough

It's time for the Holiday 2018 update in The Sims FreePlay and it is jam packed full of content! We walk through the entire...

SimsCamp 2018: The Sims FreePlay Livestream

SimsCamp 2018 was held over the last few days in London, UK and I was one of many GameChangers who were invited for The...

AR Mode in The Sims FreePlay Brings Your Sims into the Real World

How many times have you said to yourself that you wish you could bring your Sims, or the gorgeous home you have built, into...