EA John Riccitiello: Fail well and learn from it.

EA CEO John Riccitiello may not have succeeded as grandly as he sought to during this generation, but he's certainly not lacking in vision....

Free Shipping via Origin through January 31st!

US Simmers, spend $39.99 or more and get free shipping when you order a game with Origin! Source: SimsVIP

The Sims 3 iOS Sale

Get The Sims 3 games and Medieval for iOS for 99 cents... plus tax! Android too! Source: Rincón del Simmer

Weekly Poll Results

It's Tuesday so it's time for us to summarise the poll that we've had running for the past week, and to start a new...

Eurogamer – Will Wright working on new games

What's Will been up to ever since he left Spore?  We know that he is currently helping with the television show Bar Karma, but...

UK Charts 5-19-12


TheAtlantic.com presents ‘Will Wright: The Gamemaker’

Is it just me or is it true that whenever Will Wright speaks, you're instantly hooked to listen to what he has to say. ...

SimCookie Test The Sims Social

They test the game and include some good info. Check it out below!EA did not not want to disclose a release date for the...

Playfish – SimSocial Survey

Are you unhappy that a lot of objects in the Sims Social requires real money? Do you love the game, but hate having to...