IGN: Hands on SimCity Societies Destinations with 21 new pics!

It is about time we heard from SimCity Societies Destinations.  IGN has the scoop on the upcoming Expansion pack for the game.  Create resorts, casino's,...

SimCity has gone GOLD!

Creative Director Ocean Quigley has updated the blog with a letter to all of the Mayors out there! SimCity going Gold means that the...

SimCity Strategy Part 1

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YceL2C4TW4Q&w=520&h=293]

SimCity Social Review

SimCity Social, the new game from some clever people at Maxis and  Playfish UK, was released into it’s open beta on 25 June 2012....

New SimCity Update

I'm really not upset by a new update! They are pretty timely! Update 3/22/2013 - Update 1.8GeneralPolice station can no longer hold more prisoners than...

G4TV – SimCity’s Glassbox Simulation Engine Details

If you've been following the latest SimCity news like a hawk, then you pretty much know about this.  However, G4TV has put together a...

SimCity Societies Deluxe

If the Danish Sims 2 site is correct, we should be seeing SimCity Societies Deluxe next month around June 27.  It will come packed...

LGR – SimCity on the BBC Micro

I literally had no idea they made so many versions of the original SimCity.  It's very hard to keep track of them all...worst of...

Tilted Mills hard at work – SimCity Societies Update #3

1Up.com is the first to break the news on the 3rd update for SimCity Societies. This much needed update promises to fix performance...

SimCity – GlassBox Video 3

Can't wait for this game! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6t_ywQGBaEw&feature=g-u-u&context=G206d7c9FUAAAAAAABAA