Spore Series

Released in 2008 by Maxis, Spore allows you to create your unique creature and guide it on an epic journey through a universe of your own creations as you work through five evolutionary phases: Cell, Creature, Tribe, Civilization, and Space.

BeyondSims has archives of Spore news from 2007 onwards, as well as a vast collection of tutorials and downloads!

Spore Wallpaper Challenge Winners announced!

I love wallpapers, I usually set a new one every week, often searching on DeviantArt or the net for some new ones.  Hurray for...

Spore will appear at NVISION, Aug 25th-27th in San Jose

Maxis will be demoing Spore in the exhibition hall at NVISION 2008 in San Jose, CA.  Join Dan Moskowitz & Chris Hecker on a...

Spore v1.01 patch for Mac now available

The official Spore website updated with a note for Mac users to boot up their games as they are now able to receive the...

Inside the Spore Galactic Edition

If you've been burning to see what is inside the Galactic Edition, then check out CrunchGear.  They have a few pictures of the contents...

Spore Galactic Adventures User Upload Challenge 4 – Epic size your Adventure!

It's time for the Spore Galactic Adventures YouTube User Upload Challenge (what a mouthful!).  This week, Maxis would like for you to create an...

Spore Hero: Create Your Own Spider Bat!

http://www.youtube.com/v/gxZGUH9aOh8 Remember, Spore Hero comes out on the week of October 6, so mark it down on your calendars!

The Ten Most Influential Women In Games Of The Past Decade

Lucy Bradshaw has to start the list with her work on the Sims beginning in the year 2000. Lucy and the Maxis team created...

IGN: Pre-E3 Spore Hands On with the Civilization Stage

It's July, and E3 is coming up in a few more weeks, so get ready for tons of news on Spore and The Sims...