Wednesday, August 10, 2022

IGN START's Up At Noon – SimCity Interview

An interview with Jason Haber of Maxis. [youtube]

GameSpot’s review for SimCity Societies Destinations

I wish the game was a stand-alone product instead of packed in with games I already own or via digital download only.  I cannot believe why they decided to not release it separate... On top...

HAR 2009 – Don Hopkins talks on Micropolis

Things you should know before watching the video: Don Hopkins worked with Will Wright and the original Sims, creating The Sims Transmogrifier, the famous object-creation tool. He persuaded EA into releasing the original SimCity as an...

LGR – unboxing of SimCity Educational Version

Our favorite Lazy Game Reviewer takes a look at the SimCity Education Version, which is a special teacher's edition of the original SimCity in which they could use in the classroom and assign various...

New Maxis Logo is Officially Delicious!

So we posted a video thing with stills from the dev trailer that will most likely be shown tonight when Maxis announces the new SimCity. At the end was a revised Maxis logo. Some...

SimCity Preview and Maxis Interview

Game Central not only previews the new SimCity, they also interview some of the people working on it. I am so jealous right now. Please Maxis/EA let us eventually interview you as well. hehe It...

New SimCity Social Pic

Source: Os Games EA via SimCity Social Facebook I still wonder if "a few weeks" means later this month or July.

Find Out What Happens When The Maxis Team Play Telephone! (Part 1)

Originally shared on The blog SimCity Telephone City Part One What happens when one city has multiple Mayors? That’s the question we answered by having six members of the Maxis team play the same city...

SimCity Patch 5.0 Notes

Following on from the announcement of SimCity for Mac being delayed, Senior Producer, Kip Katsarelis, also spoke about future updates coming for PC players very soon. The next updates will include improvements for multiplayer...

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