Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Submit Your TS3 Sims For The New SimCity!!!

Maxis wants your Sims for the new SimCity! Click the pic below to go to their contest spot on their Facebook Page and upload your Sim today!!! Good luck everyone! :D Please note that Sims...

Holy Hamburgers, Batman! SimCity Societies Patch 4 is released!

Pow, Bam!  Today, out of nowhere Tilted Mills silently released Patch #4 for SimCity Societies.  This patch introduces many new features, buildings, fixes and improvements. New features: In all modes of play: Added The Burgazoid 6000 disaster. he...

3 New SimCity Pictures!

1 (DOTsim) uploaded three new pictures of SimCity onto their site!

SimCity 4 – tornado on a leash

Here's my early mockup for one of the ideas, done in 3DS Max; The tornado on a leash. I thought of the tornado as a huge, eager, but destructive dog. You could sort of...

Pre-Order SimCity via GameStop and Walmart!

Wayne's World! Wally World! Bobby's World! w00t! Via: Os Games EA

bitGamer Previews SimCity

No new info, just another preview. Here it comes. He’s clicked the toolbar at the bottom, selected the coal power station he wants to build and he’s choosing where to place it on the map....

EA: ‘DRM is a failed dead-end strategy’

EA's Frank Gibeau has called DRM a 'failed dead-end strategy' following the troublesome launch of SimCity (which is a great game for those still unsure). This article by ShackNews is a great read. SimCity was...

Maxis SimCity Amusement Park DLC Video

Source: SimCookie What's this? A six minute vid by one of the SimCity devs talking about the awesome new DLC that was released today? SWEET! [youtube]

Rachybop’s Sims Saturday (19th January)

Check out Rachybop's Sims Saturday! This week she talks about the Twitter takeover, the SimCity Beta, and the trip to Guildford on the 24th (which we'll be at too, if the snow stays away). [youtube...

Interesting Sim related things on Ebay

Was a little bored, so digging around Ebay I found a few interesting things for Sim fans. Edible Cake with Sims 2 Image - YUM!   SimCity 4 Japanese Mini Poster    SimCity Collectable Card Game - 11 packs