Friday, January 21, 2022

    SimCity Societies Deluxe

    If the Danish Sims 2 site is correct, we should be seeing SimCity Societies Deluxe next month around June 27.  It will come packed...

    If video games were realistic…

    This one had me rolling!more here – Will Wright on Spore, SimCity, and the Sims


    Brand new SimCity Screenshot

    Here is a brand new SimCity screenshot from the live chat!

    SimCity 3000 – Rays of Light and UFO Attack posters

    Ocean Quigley, most known as the Art Director for Spore has been uploading some of his past works to his blog.  He worked on...

    Gamespy previews SimCity Societies Destinations

    Less than a month away, more and more previews should start appearing for SimCity Societies Destinations.  A new preview can be found over at...

    Get 50% Off SimCity Complete Edition (Mac App Store)

    Calling all Mac users! If you still haven't got your hands on the latest iteration of SimCity and are looking for a version that...

    Will we ever get a true SimCity 5? Shacknews asks Maxis

    Who loves and adore SimCity 4?  I do!  I wish someday we'd get a true sequel to the game - SimCity Societies, SimCity Creator...

    Lucy Bradshaw, SimCity and G4C

    w00t!Knowing your audience through appropriate telemetry and design that leverages reward systems to modify behavior are only part of the solution. "Movies have been around...

    SimCity Social Announce Trailer

    Via SimTimes [youtube]