Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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From the world of MySims to the likes of SimAnimals, and all the things in between.

SimCity BuildIt: Update Now Available

Get ready, Mayors! The latest update for SimCity BuildIt is now live. You can upgrade Dr. Vu’s tower, challenge yourself by unleashing new disasters including the Giant Robot, unlock 16 new achievements, experience all new...

Spore: Indominus Rex

Apart from being a big Sims fan, I also love the Jurassic Park franchise. With the fourth film coming this June, Rebecca2108 has been inspired to create the new 'hybrid' dinosaur from the movie...

SimCity BuildIt: New Game Update

Greetings Mayors, A new update is available in the App Store and Google Play, including some behind-the-scenes improvements and bug fixes. Features: A manual refresh button has been added to the Global Trade HQ If an item in...

LGR Reviews SimCity BuildIt

Our favourite Lazy Game Reviewer brings us another fun review. This time LGR takes a look at the latest offering from the SimCity franchise... SimCity BuildIt! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1zerc7crGM

SimCity (2013): Now Available on Mac App Store As An Offline Game

Aspyr Media, known for porting The Sims 2 among other Mac games, has published the SimCity Complete Edition on the Mac App Store for £29.99. The interesting thing about this is that it is an offline only...

SimCity BuildIt: New Trailer

The SimCity BuildIt team has shared a new video on their Facebook page advertising the game. SimCity BuildIt is an all-new SimCity game created exclusively for mobile devices. You can build, craft and create the...

Origin: New Year Sale (50% off Sims 4!)

Origin are holding a New Years sale where you can grab up to 50% off tonnes of PC games! With The Sims 4 standard edition only £24.99 and SimCity at £4.99, there's plenty of deals for...

5 fun predictions SimCity 2000 made about the future

Origin have posted a blog highlighting 5 predictions that SimCity 2000 made about the future... but were any of them right? ;) The year: 2000 The prediction: Engineers design the world’s first arcology, a massive building...

Origin On the House: SimCity 2000™ Special Edition

Are you a big fan of SimCity and wish to take a stroll back in time and play SimCity 2000? Well, Origin are currently offering the SimCity 2000™ Special Edition for completely free, On the House! Simply...

SimCity (2013): New Game Update (V10.3)

After a long period of silence, Maxis have released a new update for SimCity (2013). This new update allows you to move your multiplayer cities to offline mode. Update 10.3 is available now. This update...