Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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From the world of MySims to the likes of SimAnimals, and all the things in between.

EA Retiring DarkSpore Servers in March 2016

Darkspore, released in 2011 by Maxis, was an interesting take on the Spore franchise and essentially mixed the formula of Diablo with Spore to make an action RPG. While great fun, the online-only title never...

London is Coming to SimCity BuildIt

Exciting news for SimCity BuildIt fans! EA has announced that a new game update, which is launching on November 24th, will bring London to the game. Featuring British-themed buildings and iconic landmarks such as Big Ben,...

Kotaku: “Forget No Man’s Sky. I’m Getting Hyped To Play Some Spore”

Something fun to share comparing 2008's Spore to the upcoming game No Man's Sky. An interesting read for all Spore fans! Surely you remember Spore? Designed by Will Wright, the creator ofSimCity and The Sims,...

Look Up To The Sky And See What’s Coming to SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt, the popular SimCity game on mobile/tablet devices, is teasing a new game update. Look up the sky, mayors!

Get 50% Off SimCity Complete Edition (Mac App Store)

Calling all Mac users! If you still haven't got your hands on the latest iteration of SimCity and are looking for a version that has no online features and doesn't require Origin, then you're...

LGR Reviews Spore

Our favourite Lazy Game Reviewer has gone back in time with his latest video to review Spore, which was released in 2008 and developed by Maxis. Interested in Spore? Browse our Spore content here!

YouTube: Let’s Play SimCity – Episode 4

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YouTube: Let’s Play SimCity – Episode 3

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YouTube: Let’s Play The Sims Medieval

A new episode of The Sims Medieval is live on the BeyondSims YouTube channel! To reboot the series, we join Lady Regina as she goes on a royal holiday and tries to re-create the...

Win A Copy of SimCity (2013)

Giveaway Closed! :!: Winner is marypa! SimCity (2013) offers a deeper, richer game than ever before, with the new GlassBox engine driving the most authentic simulation you will ever see. With multi city play, a deep simulation, online...