Friday, January 21, 2022
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    From the world of MySims to the likes of SimAnimals, and all the things in between.

    Spore Interview from UGO

    UGO has an interview with lead designer Alex Hutchinson. Many of the details it includes were already discussed via other sites, but it...

    MySims Racing information sheet

    POSITIONING Colorful characters, customization, competition and speedDESCRIPTION Race into an all-new adventure with the MySims! Start out at the driving school and learn the ways...

    Official PR: EA reveals DarkSpore, new Sci-Fi action RPG from Maxis Studio

    Darkspore to Introduce Innovative Character Customization, Gameplay Mechanics and Online Play to GenreGuildford, UK – July 20, 2010 – Maxis, an Electronic...

    Spore Contest: Galactic Consumer Challenge – Finalists

    Can't get enough adventures to feed your Spore addiction?  Perhaps the following can help.  If you drop over at the Sporums you can pick...

    Spore Patch v1.03 now available!

    Spore players, if you're up to it you can now grab Spore Patch #3. Your game should prompt you to update when you...

    Chris Hecker (Spore Animator Programmer) wants examples of broken animations

    Chris Hecker, the lead programmer of the Procedural Animation in Spore would like your help.  If you visit Chris Hecker's Spore Page, he wants...

    UK: Top 20 PC Games Chart ending October 3, 2009

    Source:  Chart Track

    Spore Patch #5 – Asymmetry is now possible!

    Spore fanatics are celebrating today as Maxis has released Spore Patch #5 which finally includes an official fix to allow asymmetry for Creatures and...

    GamingUnion previews The Sims Medieval

    Given the new outlook for our Sims, the game has had a slight change of focus. Now, the game will focus on a...

    SimCity to be released in the first quarter of 2013?

    For the love of The Watcher! EA, please do NOT rush Maxis on this game. I hope they've been working on this for several...