Sunday, January 23, 2022

    French and Spanish Lunar Lakes Logos

    Sweet, Sour and Spicy!Source: Os Games EA

    MySims Racing Wii/DS Fact Sheet

    EA sent out a fact sheet for MySims Racing.  When will they ever learn...we need to have online play for the Wii!POSITIONING Colorful characters, customization,...

    Forever alone – free valentine badges at The Sims 3 Store

    To be honest, I wasn't planning on posting about these due to the fact it'll probably gather more hatred on The Sims 3 team...

    The Sims 3 Town Life Cover & Logo (Czech)

    Found by GameSims.  Logo was pulled directly from boxart. :)

    Interview with Machimima Artist – Decorgal

    0 posted an interview with Decorgal.  She was one of the many content creators/machinima artists who attended The Sims 3 Creator's Camp back in...

    SimCity Announce Trailer!

    Oh my freakin' God! to Ricon Del Simmer for the tip!

    SimCity Wind Farm – Stages 2 & 3

    Via: SimCity Facebook Stage IIStage III

    Sims 3 Animations

    This time we have the actual animations and not concept art. Check out this animation reel by Matthew Laurence with animations from Pets and...

    8/18/09 – SporeDay: Spore Screenshot Challenge and Sporepedia redesign

    Hope you love taking pictures, because MaxisCactus is kicking off the Spore Screenshot Challenge!  They want you to take an image of an 'incredible'...