Audi has put together a competition for the Germans:  create a concept using the Spore creators that might look like an actual car to be released in 15 years.  That’s right…Audi would like to invite those to shape and then upload your creation to their servers.  The winner of the contest will be awarded with an all-expense paid trip to the Audi Design Studios in Ingolstadt as well as VIP treatment at the 5-star Arlberg Hospiz Hotel and gourmet meals.  Second place will be awarded with a high end gaming computer with a Spore design theme and the third place (of 20 winners) will win a shirt.

Personally, I’d rather take second place.   However, can’t do so as I don’t live in Germany…However, it wouldn’t matter, as my idea has already been used on The Simpsons:

Source:  Motor Authority