My sister just dropped off my Promo Disc from Target of The Sims 3 Introduction.  I’m going to share with you just about all of the contents of the disc.



Click image for bigger version

Main Screen (Holy crap, it’s a very lonnnnnnggggg screen – but because I care I put it together for you)

Normal sized

Wide sized


I don’t think it would be wise of me to upload the actual MP3 files…Most are just samples, but I did whip up a YouTube video with the music in it.  Watch it below:


The CD comes with 4 new screen-savers of various images.  They are in exe format and I don’t feel safe uploading the actual files (don’t want EA to come after me).  So you’ll have to purchase the CD to get them.  Sorry!


Videos are the same that are already published on the net.  Here’s the ones that were on the CD:

And videos of other’s looking at the CD:

Pattern Information

Sorry guys, I’m not giving away my code for the pattern.  If you have a Target in your area, pick one up!


Yes, it’s sad, I did scan the stickers.  These are going in various places at my work office.

To sum things up, I say it’s well worth the 99 cents spent.