EA’s CEO spoke at a Q&A during the Dow Jones/Nielsen Media and Money Conference earlier today.  In the Q&A, he addresses two important things:  DRM and In-Game Advertising.

According to Riccitiello, this year will be the last year that EA plans to produce offline-only games, meaning that next year, games will start to play a bigger role dealing with online features.

Here is a snippet from his presentation:

On DRM: In September, EA lifted some of the DRM protections on its popular release Spore after players began posting complaints on Amazon and other sites. Riccitiello said he felt the controversy was blown out of proportion, but he does acknowledge the inconvenience to users that DRM creates. “We’re still working out the kinks. We implemented a form of DRM and it’s something that 99.8 percent of users wouldn’t notice. But for the other .2 percent, it became an issue and a number of them launched a cabal online to protest against it.  I personally don’t like DRM. It interrupts the user experience. We would like to get around that. But there is this problem called piracy out there.”

Head on over to PaidContent.org to finish reading what he has to say about in-game ads.