Join hosts BeyondSims and Rachybop as they talk about the vibrant world of The Sims in the Llama Drama Podcast!

In this episode, we dive deep into the highly anticipated expansion pack, ‘For Rent,’ making its way to The Sims 4 this December. We also talk about the latest with The Sims FreePlay and The Sims Mobile.

But that’s not all – we spill the llama tea on Life by You, an upcoming competitor that’s causing waves in the Sim universe. BeyondSims and Rachybop share their insights and thoughts!

And because Sims have lives outside of the screen, join us as we chat about what we’ve been up to in our free time. From quirky in-game stories to real-life adventures, the Llama Drama Podcast is your go-to source for all things Sims and beyond.

Tune in for laughs and drama on the Llama Drama Podcast!