The latest update for The Sims 4, released shortly after the Behind The Sims stream on the 31st January, has brought a wide array of new content and fixes.

We are extremely pleased to see the addition of new content which champions inclusion with medical wearables, top surgery scars, and binders and shapewear. It’s great to see this representation come to The Sims franchise and the team at Maxis continuing to push boundaries with this.

In addition, there has also been the addition of light switches for builders and a big focus on console versions of the game to improve gameplay, controls and performance.

Here’s some of the highlights below!

Medical Wearables

There’s a new Medical Wearables category under Body and Face Accessories in Create a Sim.

Select the Sims face and then select Accessories to find the Medical Wearables category that contains a new hearing aid for your Toddler or older Sims. This medical wearable comes in fifteen color variants, and can be assigned to your Sims right, left or both ears.

The Medical Wearables category can also be found by selecting the Sims body and then selecting the Body category. Here you can find Glucose Monitors for your Child and older Sims that can be added to your Sims right and left arm, and to your Sims lower abdomen on the right or left side as well.

Top Surgery Scar

Under the same Body category, all players can find a Body Scars category with an option for Teen and older male Sims (masculine or feminine frame) to add a Top Surgery Scar to their Sims.

Binders and Shapewear

With this update, players can find two new assets in Create a Sim. Under the Tanks, in the Tops category, you will find a Binder top asset for your Teen and older Sims. In the Underwear category for Bottoms, there is a new shapewear asset for your Sims as well!

Let there be Light Switches!

For our builders who have long desired to complete that perfect room, a new light switch is now available in Build Mode!

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