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We are happy to announce the randomly selected winner is lunethien! Congratulations! Please check your email as we will be in touch!

Thank you to everyone for entering!


We’re super excited to be able to give away a code for The Sims 4 High School Years Expansion Pack on PC/Mac, redeemable on Origin!

The Sims 4 High School Years is the latest expansion pack to arrive and allows you to take your teenagers to high school, take part in after-school activities, experience events like prom, and brings a brand new world to explore too!

You can watch our video review of the expansion below!

How to Enter the Giveaway

To be in for a chance of winning, all you have to do is leave a comment below on this post telling us why you’re excited to play The Sims 4 High School Years!

Yes, it’s that simple! The giveaway will be open until 18:00 BST on Friday 2nd September 2022!

Good luck!!!! 🙂


Terms and Conditions
A winner will be randomly selected shortly after the closing date for the giveaway. You must use a valid email in the ‘Email address’ field when commenting so that we can contact you if you are the winner. BeyondSims reserves the right to change or cancel the giveaway at any time without notice. Only one entry per person is valid and we may disqualify anyone who we believe to have multiple entries. Your data will not be provided to any third-parties and shall only be used to select a winner.

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It’s the only expansion I don’t have, so I would love to check it out


I would love to relive my early high school years. Skipping class, hanging with friends at the dam and the fair when it was in town.


I’ve always wanted a pack like this ever since sims 1, so would love to finally play it


i am most excited for going school , prom and after school activities thx for the opportunity


i really want this pack cuz its so fun and u can do so many things with it


thx for the opportunity i am in love with this pack i really like the cas, build etc i’ll be so happy if i win this giveaway

Mayara Oliveira

I’ve never been this excited before for a package, I love teen movies set in high schools and can’t wait to live a teen movie life in the sims, I loved having more teen gameplay


Hi, Thank you so much for gifting a pack! I have been dreaming of going to high school in the sims since 4ever ;P


i dont have many packs but i am really interested in highschool years. i am also starting highschool on the first! thanks for the chance <3


the chance for any pack is good for me! and i see alot of mixed opinions of this pack so i would like to try it out. thank you for this opportunity


Thank you for the chance! I would love to play the pack because it finally gives us more content for teenage sims and I can‘t wait to let them go through the both wonderful and scary stage of life that is high school!


Thanks for the chance. I’d like to play this pack cause I’d love to live out teenage years with my teen sims more fully and realistically. I also love the thrifting aspect.


I’m excited to decorate my teen sim’s rooms with the new items from the pack!


I would love to play this pack to accompany my sims to school, it’s something I’ve always been wishing for since the very first sims game!


This EP is one of the best for TS4, all reviews are so positive about it. It has so much gameplay for teens. Of course I’d like to play it too. I’m sure that I won’t be disappointed.


I’d like to win because I don’t have many expansions and I would like to have this one given the theme

Phil Ursichowski

Currently running a legacy challenge (10th gen currently) – and teens are usually a bit bland and just learn skills for university scholarships; so I’m looking forward to extend gameplay ☺️


I recently got into thrifting myself so being able to also have that experience in The Sims would be really amazing!


Personally I think that the teens in general are quite bland. Hopefully this pack will improve my teenagers! It also seems like a whole lot a fun! Thank you beyondsims!


I love all the drama possibilities.


i don’t have this expansion pack, it looks really fun and i want to make my teen sims more exciting to play with. I’m excited to actually go with them to school🥰🥰🥰🥰


The amusement park looks really cool. Having my teens attend a actual school instead of a rabbit hole one would be a relief I want to see what classes they will attend and how the high school dynamic will be for them.


I’ve heard super positive things about this pack and I can’t wait to try it! I would love to explore my personal likes and interests in this pack such as the fashion elements and also hanging out with my sims at ThrifTea! I also really want to live out the high school experience I didn’t get due to covid-19 and go to prom and explore the different clubs! Thank you for the opportunity to win this pack!!

Victoria Johnson

I’ve always found teens to be quite lacking in general play, as well as children. I’m super excited to finally be able to do more with them. 🙂


i love the gameplay opportunities and how it makes teens more realistic!


Not for myself but my daughter is so excited about this new pack, so I would be pleased for her to get it!

Pedro A.L.

I’m excited to explore the new world. The carnival looks so cool!


thank you for the chance! I’d love this pack because of all the cute items and the new social media apps it comes with!