Error Code 0 is never a fun thing to appear when playing The Sims 4. It occurs when you try to save your game and it fails to do so, which can be slightly soul destroying if you’ve been putting blood, sweat and tears into your Sims’ lives for hours and hours!

Recently, particularly since the launch of the Neighbourhood Stories update, there has been a sharp increase in the amount of people getting this error code.

The good news – there is a fix being worked on. The bad news – it’s not here yet!

Fortunately, we have some workarounds that have been shared by SimGuruNick on Twitter which may help you if you’re in this situation!

Disabling “Join A Career” in Neighbourhood Stories

The first recommendation from SimGuruNick is to turn off Join A Career in the Neighbourhood Stories configuration panel.

You can do this by going into “Manage Households” from the world menu screen. This should be applied for “Other Households” and “My Households”.

Wedding Stories Events

The second recommendation is for players who own My Wedding Stories, the infamously buggy game pack that still isn’t fixed to this date.

When you are planning your wedding event in-game, from the Plan an Event screen, you should not set a cake for your wedding event.

If you have any pre-existing events that have cakes set, these should be cancelled and you can then re-schedule them.

Still getting an error?

If this does not work, then it appears you have found a problem that The Sims team have not identified yet. You can actually share this on a form they have created, so be sure to do so by clicking here!

Once the game update arrives in the near future, you shouldn’t need to use these workarounds, but hopefully this will help you in the meantime.