Presented By EA Creators Network who provided a game code for review purposes. All views/thoughts are my own.

The Sims 4 has released another entry to its rapidly growing arsenal of kits – Blooming Rooms!

If you’re from the UK, particularly somewhere like the North, you may feel inclined to say “Bloomin’ Rooms”, as if you’re angry or cross at something. But that takes me off at a big tangent – you can tune into the latest episode of the Llama Drama Podcast where myself and Rachael talk all about that if you want to go down that rabbit hole.

But what does the Blooming Rooms Kit contain, I hear you ask? Well, it will bring you plenty of objects that will bloom and make your rooms extra fabulous. Yes, that’s right, a pack dedicated completely to the joy of house plants! As someone who has gradually become more and more interested in keeping house plants over the last few years, I was actually quite excited to see this kit get released.

A Sim in a room with lots of plants

I am pleased to say it doesn’t disappoint either! The Blooming Rooms Kit contains plenty of house plant inspired items to allow you to live this fantasy as a plant parent. It’s truly a millennial dream.

I found myself spoilt for choice with new items such as hanging baskets, shelves to stack my plants on, new plants to place, and more, allowing me to truly transform how my Sims’ apartment in San Myshuno looked. Gone from being a boring apartment into something truly joyful.

As you can see, even with my poor build mode skills in mind, all of the new objects really add a modern vibe to your Sims’ homes and allow you to get stuck in making a green paradise.

I can see myself using these a lot to decorate my Sims’ places and cluttering up rooms. My favourite object has to be the decorative leaves that go around the windows – I think they’re really lovely. The new end/console tables, as well as the hanging plant also deserves a shout out too as they are gradually making their way into all of my Sims’ homes.

This is not a pack for you if you are looking for new Create A Sim assets, but it is for you if you want more decorative items to freshen up your game.

Overall, The Sims 4 Blooming Rooms truly delivers on what it promises. A small, yet suitable, addition to your Sims game allowing you to clutter up your Sims’ homes with house plants and other plant-inspired furniture. This is what I feel Kits are made for and I am glad to see this content drop.

I’d recommend getting The Sims 4 Blooming Rooms Kit as I think you’ll get plenty of use and will hopefully enjoy using the new objects just as much as I have so far!