A new blog post has been shared to the official The Sims Mobile website and is full of new and exciting content – including the ability to host a party in any house – FINALLY!!!

Check out the official blog post below!

Royal Romance Update Blog Post

No matter how you celebrate love with friends, family and partners, create special moments and spoil your Sims! Maybe there’s a spicy royal romance happening in Briny Heights? Tell a love story of the ages and create your fairytale ending this Valentine’s Day in the latest update of The Sims Mobile.

Host a party in ANY house – available from 16 February

We know how much you love hosting and attending parties with friends! It’s time to show off all your building and interior decorating skills you’ve worked so hard on in the other locations your Sims live in! We’re excited to announce that for the first time, you can now host an online party in any of the house lots you own because there is no longer a designated house.

To host a party and experience it in any lot, your Sim must be moved into the home lot that you want to host the party at, and:

  1. Press the arrow button on the right-hand side of the screen
  2. Press the Parties balloon icon and find “Host Weekly Party Here” button
  3. Select your theme!

Don’t forget to add party decorations that match your theme for more group rewards! Group reward progress also stacks accumulatively now, instead of individually. At all other times, when you’re visiting other players’ neighborhoods, you’ll only be able to see their first main house. For more information on hosting parties, read our walkthrough.

If you experience any bugs while hosting or attending parties, post the details on The Sims Mobile AHQ Forums.

Swap between any of your Sims in your neighborhood!

Have you reached your 4 playable Sims cap, or would just love to play as any passive Sim that lives in your neighborhood? Now it’s possible for you to play as any adult Sim, by swapping between the ‘playable’ and ‘passive’ state freely anytime without having to retire a Sim to free up more Sims slots!

Making a Sim ’passive’ frees up one Sim slot, so you can bring someone else in! There is no cost to make a Sim active again, but they will start with no energy (so they might need a tasty cupcake to help them out!)

View your family portrait by clicking on your Lot Address in the Neighborhood view or hang it up on the wall in your home! The portrait wall item is located in the Build/Buy menu under ‘Decorations’ tab and ‘Wall Decorations’. From here, click on a Sim and select either ‘make passive’ or ‘make playable’. That’s it!

A few extra notes to add:

  1. You can now also see which relationships, stories, careers and hobbies each Sim has.
  2. A Sim can’t be made passive if they’re currently completing an event
  3. Children cannot be made playable, but they can be, once they become an adult!
  4. Sims with a blue coloured plumbob or a Sim that has previously been retired also cannot be made playable.
  5. We also haven’t made any changes to the usual way you’d retire a Sim! The retirement option will still appear once your Sim completes all four traits, but you can choose to ignore the pop up and delay retirement.

‘Royal Romance’ Treasure Hunt Event

It’s time for your Sims to find their inner prince or princess by searching for clues in the ‘Royal Wedding’ Treasure Hunt event! Help Smallfry throughout this 10-day event from 11th February and earn exclusive regal décor and outfits to transform your Sims home into a fairytale castle fit for a queen and king this Valentine’s Day.

Here are the exclusive items to look forward to:

Grand Prizes

  • Queens gown for female Sims
  • Queens crown hairstyle for female Sims
  • Prince outfit for male Sims
  • Royal double-width staircase with carpet

Other Prizes

  • Prince charming hair for male Sims
  • Royal double bed
  • Large ornate windows (triple width)
  • Palace gate
  • Palace fence wall
  • Pendant chandelier
  • Royal curtains
  • Maxi dress for female Sims and much more!

Become a treasure hunting expert by reading our tips and tricks FAQ here.

‘A Very Simlish Anniversary’ Sweet Treat Showdown Event

Congratulations Maxis and The Sims for turning 21 this month! It’s a pretty monumental milestone that only happens once! Now, they can party like they’ve got keys to the city, and you can too! Jump into the new ‘A Very Simlish Anniversary’ Sweet Treat Showdown event from 22nd February, and unlock lavish outfits and glitzy nightclub décor, including a karaoke machine and disco lighting to party the night away!

Here are the exclusive items to look forward to:

Grand Prizes:

  • Boombox karaoke machine with microphone
  • Plumbob DJ booth
  • Long ombre hairstyle with bangs for female Sims

Royal Box Prizes:

  • Smoke machine
  • Bar display with quilted detail
  • Velvet sofa with quilted detail

Sweet Box Prizes:

  • Disco ball chandelier
  • Velvet scalloped chair
  • Military jacket for male Sims
  • Heart-shaped sunglasses for male and female Sims
  • Lightning bolt-shaped wall mirror
  • Donut-shaped neon light
  • Fern pot plant

Get all the ingredients you need to prove you’re the best baker in our Sweet Treat Showdown FAQ here!

Here are the playable event dates for this update (all dates in AEST):

  • Treasure Hunt ‘Royal Wedding’: 11-day event starting from Monday 8th February
  • Wumples Quest: 7-day event starting 13th February
  • Sweet Treat Showdown ‘A Very Simlish Anniversary’ event: 11-day event starting 22nd February
  • Wumples Quest: 7-day event starting 2nd March