Today has been a great day in Briny Heights.

I stopped off for my morning coffee at the Parkside Cafe. The smell of coffee in the air is always one of the best things about the morning. I also ended up bumping into Izzy! I haven’t seen him for ages but, as always, he looked absolutely fabulous – I guess that’s why he’s got the name he has! After picking my pumpkin spiced latte – my autumn favourite – I decided to start my stroll back home.

While walking through the streets, I turned a corner and ended up noticing something sticking out from under a rock. It looked important so I walked along the path a bit further and I think someone has placed it there? Could it have been the llamas? Well, whoever it was, it looks like something has been torn off and it could be a part of something bigger? What on earth could it be?

Do any of you know, internet friends? It seems to be a golden freezer bunny, on a wooden background, with a compass looking item. But, it’s a bit torn and damaged, that I can’t quite make it out.

…I wonder if there’s other pieces?

#TheSimsMobile #XMarksTheSpot

The Sims Mobile Puzzle Piece