A big game update has landed for The Sims Mobile, which is still currently soft launched in a few select countries. As the worldwide release gets closer, we wanted to share some of the changes that the Maxis development team have been making!

In the latest game update, a new feature called Izzy’s Fashion Shop has arrived. In addition to this, you can now visit other players homes, there’s new quests, UI improvements, and more.

Check out our overview video below.


  1. Hey, so I have seen the new update to The sims Mobile game with izzy’s workshop and i noticed that the traits thing has kinda changed you still need to get 4 traits but when i reached the 4th trait i was never offered the option to retire? do i need do complete my job and hobby to level 10 or is there a different way to retire now. Also I have unlocked retirement just after this update I haven’t been able to retire


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