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So you’ve been seeing others play The Sims 4 Dine Out, and you may have watched our overview/review of the game pack, and you really want to play the game.

Well, we have great news! We are giving away a copy of The Sims 4 Dine Out and one of you guys, our readers, can be in for a chance of winning! The Sims 4 Dine Out lets you create your own restaurant, take your Sims out to wine and dine, and try new experimental food.


Want to be in for a chance to win? Of course you do! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post, with a valid email address, and tell us what your first restaurant in The Sims 4 Dine Out will be called.

You have until the 23rd June at 18:00 BST to enter! The winner will be randomly selected and announced shortly after, and will be contacted via. email.


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I think the name I would chose for my restaurant would be sweet tooth extravaganza where all the sims with a big sweet tooth like myself could enjoy the sugary goodness of sim food.

Sweet Pea

My first restaurant will be called “Al Fresco Plumbob Ristorante” (Fresh Plumbob Restaurant) ^-^

Demeter Cai

The name I’d choose for my first restaurant would either be Atlantica Bites and it would be a big seafood themed restaurant.

Jay Moonchild

This is very nice of you, Thanks for the chance– ElderJymm


Thanks for the opportunity!! I think I would center my restaurant around my current sim, so I would name it after her last name (Moya).


Well I’m a Disney Princess fan and have a made a Sim of Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog whose goal was to open a restaurant which by the end of the film she succeeds named Tiana’s Palace and so at the announcement of this game pack I planned to and have recreated her restaurant and will name it Tiana’s Palace


Carewren123 sims

Thanks for the chance to win. I was thinking of naming my first place “Fat Fanny’s” named after a large and lovable own/chef, cause… well I think that’d be a funny name. They’ll serve comfort food that might not be too good for you, but it sure tastes good.

Chris Coleman

This is so cool to get a chance to win an expansion pack.


I would call my first restaurant “Prismatic Pasta”, because spaghetti is love, spaghetti is life. Haha xP


Matheus Marinho

Thank you! My restaurant will be called “Délicieux Vapeur”!


My first restaurant would be named The Red Plumbob

Nor Diana

Good luck to everyone! My first restaurant would definitely be name Dee’s Pastelian! Since I want my restaurant to be pastel like!

ash p

My restaurant’s name will be Bliss.


Thanks for making this! My first restaurant name would be Llama Llama Bistro 😀

Urban Leopard

Lords and Llamas!

Sims Yonki

Thanks for this opportunity! Good luck to all!

José María Martín Luque

Hope I win!

Katie Judge

“The Deli Llama”


Hey Dan,
Thanks for the opportunity, that’s very kind of you.

My first restaurant would be called ‘Valley Natura’ run by my two sims Cadence Carney and Hunter Valley. They are keen green thumbs and outdoor enthusiasts. Valley Natura would specialise in healthy dishes and great produce. I am so excited about the concept whilst typing this! I hope one day they will have a daughter. I shall name her ‘Nature’.

Ask requested, email address is : (It’s one of those email addresses I thought was cool in like year 8)

Emma Sim Simmer

why: because you can’t beat your mums cooking 😀 baking and cooking with my mum when she had cancer helped her through it 😀 she loves to cook and bake 😀 she don’t sleep well so if she is up at 2am she is baking a cake XD love her to bits 😀
Anyways life story over thanks for the opportunity 😀
Email: 😀


Infinity Plaza

Why you may say? Well if I do get Dine Out I would make a plaza that serve all the foods. If I really wanted to I could make a section of NewCrest an actual plaza with different small restraunts. Email:


Seafood Shanty and it would, of course, only serve seafood. Email:

Syrus Chavez

My restaurant would be named “Le Oeuf”, which is French for “The Egg” and the menu will have anything with eggs in it. :p Thank you so much for this opportunity! email:

Isobelle Chalmers

I would call it ” The Alabama Llama “.

My email is


I would call mine Lord of the fries and it would sell fast food my email is jazzymoo34&


Thanks for this opportunity! I love the sims and i have no expansion packs except gtw so i’d love this! Anyway i’d call mine Le Llamas because of nthe llama theme in sims haha. My email is:

Molly Debenham

I would call my first restaurant the
lonely diner and it would be for those late night shifts at 2 am and for all those who come to when they don’t want to be alone anymore.

Holly Tessa Yang

I’d call my first restaurant Neon Blue and it will be a mix of like a club and a revolving sushi bar. Email is

Mark I.

I would name it simply as “Masarap!”. Simlish includes “Tagalog” which is the National Language here in the Philippines and the said word when translated means “Delicious” in English 🙂 Email:


I would name my restaurant ‘Rose Que’. It would be a romantic cafe/restaurant where couples can come for a date night or with their families. (I’m getting too excited by writing this!)

Email – xx

Megan Webster

I would name my restaurant Oh Feebee Lay which means “I’m hungry” in simlish.
This restaurant would be loud and happy during the day meaning perfect for family’s however romantic and calm during the evening so perfect for couples. There would be a outside area for eating and drinking for during the day. The theme would be retro/sophisticated and would have amazing dishes!
My email is:


I would love to win that GP! I’ve already created the restaurant when I bought Get to work, but abandoned it when I saw that client were leaving with the food 🙁

It would be a chic restaurant specialized in desserts. It’s name would be “Oh! Délice!”

Momo Master

I would love to get that game pack and I would name my restaurant oh! Feeba Lay! Which means I’m hungry in simlish it would be a restaurant for any one or thing to come and dine out .
My email is

Džiugas Makaras

I would name it ‘Fantasia’

pekisak olakica

I will name it ,,Lepota,, or ,,Socne usne,, ….Email

Stephanie Anne Smith

I will name my restaurant “Crazy Cat Nip” in hopes for one day being the crazy cat diner where all the crazy cat ladies come with their pets, one day. It will be an animal friendly restaurant with tuna or fish based foods. It also has hopes in becoming a hangout spot for the “Kitty Crew” from hangouts.
My email is


I’d name my restaurant “Innocenzo,” which is Italian for “Innocence.” It’d be an Italian Restaurant run by a guy who’s not very good at running a restaurant…or cooking. But he means well! No one who works there will really know how to do their job well. The food is a little overpriced, but there’s something charming that keeps bringing Sims back to dine…

Brooklyn Simmer

I’d like to make my restaurant be all about The 90s. It’s going to be like hamburgers, fries and a bunch of other dinery stuff. It’s going to be called “Dinner is Served Diner” because that’s why they are there. It’s also for breakfast, lunch, dessert and anything 90s.


Ivy Janelle

I think my first restaurant will be called Roku to Zio. That would mean “Roku and Zio”, Roku being “Rokurota,” the owner’s late father, and Zio being Italian for uncle, because the owner was adopted by an Italian man but grew up calling him “uncle” with the man’s nieces. The owner’s a young man who excelled in school but never really found a calling besides his violin skill. He thought he might just manage Zio’s store for a living, but got inspired by cooking for his younger niece all the time, as well as rediscovering homemade meals his father cooked. It’ll be an Asian-Italian fusion!


Juliette Chalmers

I will call my restaurant The Cow Plant Platter.

Stella Muka

I would call it ‘Le Dessert’ because I love baking pies, brownies and stuff like that


I would call my first restaurant deadly delights. I would serve customers sweet foods and desserts, but once customers have finished eating, I would trap them in a room with no doors and watch the customers starve.


Thank you for the giveaway! I would call my first restaurant ‘D.I.N.E.R.’ in reference to Tobor’s restaurant in MySims Kingdom


I’d call my restaurant the Vine Plate acting as a spin off of The Olive Pit.

Everdine Berbera

Thank you for this give a way, I have seen a couple of let’s plays about Dine Out and it looks really good! Running a store is one of my favorite things to do in The Sims and running a restaurant would be really cool! I would call my restaurant ‘Beyond Food’ cause this pack is more than awesome!

Thanks again for the give a way and wishing you a nice day!

( )