I quite enjoy playing SimCity BuildIt, and it appears that the team has took a lot of assets from the SimCity Cities of Tomorrow expansion and brought them into the mobile game. The BuildIt team has put their own spin on it, although, I definitely believe Maxis Emeryville deserves a good pat on the back for the awesome futuristic content they created.

The Future Cities update is available now for SimCity BuildIt, featuring OMEGA Labs & Research, the MagLev train and more!

We sat down with Stanislav Stankovic, Senior Game Designer at Tracktwenty Games, to learn about all the cool new stuff.

Q: What were the main impressions for the art style in SimCity BuildIt Future Cities?

A: I would say that the word that best describes it is “optimistic”. We deliberately didn’t want to go for some gritty version of the future. This is supposed to be future in which (responsible use of) technology makes our lives better.

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