We were lucky enough to be invited to a teleconference with EA to be among the first to know about upcoming content for The Sims 4! We’re excited to announce that the game will be receiving 3 FREE major game updates, in the form of patches.

The first free gameplay update, coming TODAY, brings ghosts to The Sims 4! When your Sims die, they now become ghosts. When they die there is a chance that they will emerge at night and you can befriend them to ask them to join your household. They can do everything a Sim can do and retain their traits and skills however they lose their career, but they can start a new career.


Emotions also influence your ghosts. Say your Sim dies by fire, they can set off fires when they’re angry!! If they died by electrocution, they can break stuff about the house. Their colour also changes depending on their emotional state. In addition, if they die in an emotional state then they can make sims around them feel the same way.

Also coming today in the first gameplay update is four free Star Wars costumes for halloween! You can be more machine than man – dress in Darth Vader armour, save the galaxy with Leia’s dress and hair buns, dress as Luke Skywalker and children can wear Jedi Robes. There will also be a new gnome 😉

In addition to all of this, new eye colours and bug fixes are coming today. Check  your Origin from 5pm BST!


Now, we have two new updates coming in November and December. In November, Pools will be returning to The Sims 4 for COMPLETELY FREE. More information will be coming in a few weeks but they wanted to ‘wet our appetite’. 😉 You will also be able to die by drowning!

In December, we will get new careers in the game to allow your Sims to get a few more simoleons for the holiday season.

We’re super excited about this announcement, be sure to open Origin later on today so you can get the first update for FREE!!!!!



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