VentureBeat: Sims 4 is “Beautiful, smooth, and ultimately hollow”


VentureBeat have posted a generally favourable review of The Sims 4, scoring it 75/100.

The Sims 4 is a beefy update for the series. The core game feels more smooth, more powerful, and more dynamic than its predecessors, if occasionally buggy.

The new mood system is complex and often amusing, and it helps to make your virtual people feel a little more like … people. Players who have been in the Sims universe for a while are going to chafe at all the features that are now missing; new ones will feel welcomed and find it easy to get started, especially using the Gallery.

It compares very, very well to TS3 — the core edition. But gamers may not see that as a clear upgrade, considering all the expansion packs that have come and gone since then. There’s less to do in TS4, and that makes it less exciting to play.

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