In The Sims 4, players have the ability to resize any in-game object by using a certain cheat. This was left in the game at the last minute of development by Maxis as people at creators camp enjoyed using it so much.

With the addition of the day one patch, resized objects will remain at the size you set them at when uploaded to the gallery.

As of November 2017, you can also shrink objects!


1) Select the object you wish to resize
Simply click on the object you want to make larger or smaller. For this tutorial, we we have chosen a small plant.


2) Hold down the ‘SHIFT‘ key and tap ‘]‘ to make the object bigger, or ‘SHIFT‘ key and tap ‘[‘ to make the object smaller, until the object is at the size you want.


3) Left click to place the object, and that’s it!

Useful tip: If you wish to make the object smaller, bigger or back to it’s original size after you have placed it, head back into buy mode, click on the object and repeat the above steps.

You can now increase, or decrease, the size of objects in your Sims 4 game using this super easy method! If you found this tutorial useful, feel free to share it with other Simmers or check out our other ones.

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