Today I’m excited to review the new set which was released on The Sims 3 Store on Friday 7th March 2014. Some pretty awesome things are included with this set and I’m excited to show all of you the things! I hope you enjoy the rest of my review.

This set was supposed to release on Thursday but due to some technical difficulties, they released it on Friday but after all the waiting was worth it! This set has some gorgeous items that I look forward to use in the game. For the first time ever, 8 harvestables are included (That is a lot!) and this attracted many simmers to buy this awesome set. The 8 harvestables are: strawberries (yum!), blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, peaches, pears, cocoa beans and finally the last one is pecan. Not a fan of berries but I would surely want them for my Sims! By the way, this set is on sale right now for 1,450 SimPoints till 11/03/14 so be sure to get it before the sale lasts! Oh, and the original price is 1,700 SimPoints.

There are 24 items included and 10 CAS assets.  The Create-A-Sim items suits very well with the set and they are very different from the past sets. There are some special things included too such as the hanging chair and recolourable wildflowers! The recolourable wildflowers are special addition to the set. They look very pretty when you recolour them. I find the gazebo nice too. It’s a great object. Some hanging lights come with this set which you can place it on top of the gazebo and it looks amazing at night. There’s also a rose in a vase that comes with this set and you can recolour that too! Isn’t that awesome? The wedding arch is too pretty. I actually like all the wedding arches from the Store. Sunlit Tides’ wedding arch is my favourite,

Here’s a small garden I made just to show you all the things:


This picture below is my favourite. Those chairs are great stuff for making gardens!



Please note that they are just examples 🙂 but here’s all the buy/build mode objects. I also used moveobjects on cheat to place the chair but I think you can place it almost everywhere. I love that little chair. I think it’s called a pouf. It just looks like a pumpkin to me haha but very lovely.


The wildflowers are my favourite. The fact that you can recolour them is awesome and it was a great idea. There are so many things you can do with all these stuff! I can think of so many already. I can’t wait to see what the simming community does with it. Very pretty theme and the design of everything is perfect.

Look at the recolouring! I absolutely love them and I have no doubts.


TS3W 2014-03-08 15-54-52-544

TS3W 2014-03-08 16-00-18-969

TS3W 2014-03-08 15-59-19-823







So, there’s one premium content with 8 harvestables! You can get them from buydebug easily and start planting them! The reason why I got this set is because of the harvestables! This premium content is not available for individual item. For all those simmers who like gardening, I say this is the best set! I like gardening in The Sims 3 and these 8 new harvestables make gardening more fun! This is a premium content with 8 things in it! Quite twisted but I love it. Not to mention that you can make nectar, pancakes and other things with these harvestables. But there’s no difference. They look the same. I made my Sim make pancake with the cocoa and it looked the same in appearance.But who looks at appearance? It’s the gameplay that matters. Please note that there are no recipes just a new flavour to the same recipe.

Here are they:


Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, peaches, cocoa beans and pecan all in one! Now you can create a garden full of fruits and berries. Oh, and they work like normal harvestables.


Although the CAS assets are less, I actually like them. There are no items for male but I don’t think it’s necessary. I would have liked some hairstyles for men though. I really like the dress and boots for female. The boots look so rad and snazzy! And I might use these outfits for my Sims.


I really love the new items and the idea of harvestables is genius! The fact that you can recolour the flowers is awesome. Really creative ideas. Not to mention the beautiful outfits! They not only go well with the set buy you can use them for different purposes too. I love the hanging chairs and the design of it is beautiful too. The wedding arch is nice with leaves on their side. You can use the harvestables for various purposes, from making your garden beautiful to increasing your gardening skill and so much more. The CAS stuff are nice as well. They have included items for female now. I would have liked some male hairstyles but apart from that, I like the dress with the belt and that skirt. I want to describe this set in four simple words- bright, colourful, cheerful and fantastic! Thank you to the Store team!

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