I’ve always loved fall. The leaves change, the harvest is ready and the orchard is perfect for hay rides.

Today I’m excited to show you one of my personal favorite new lots, Grandpa’s GroveThumbnail_688x336_ADD1 (2)

Grandpa’s Grove has a series of dirt roads that you can arrange and place however you’d like. But when you complete a loop and place the brand new tractor on the starting piece that’s when the fun begins.

Sims from toddler on up can enjoy an exciting hay ride around the farm. Build relationships while having oodles of fun! Thumbnail_688x336Thumbnail_688x336_ADD1 (1)

But the tractor is also an amazingly useful farming tool. You can take gardening to an amazing level. You can swap out the hay ride wagon to a pull that can water or fertilize all of your plants. And even more exciting, when your plants are ready you can put on the harvester to harvest nearly a hundred crops at a time! Thumbnail_688x336_ADD2Screenshot-44

Grandpa’s Grove is an old barn that’s been converted into a lovely home and has some really wonderful vintage style objects that comes with it.Screenshot-66Thumbnail_688x336_ADD6Screenshot-63

Watch for Grandpa’s Grove November 7th!

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