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It’s that time again when we reveal the results of the latest poll and ask you something new. Let’s find out how you responded to our most recent poll.

We asked you…

What do you think of the new road tools in SimCity?

I didn’t purchase SimCity (62%, 399 Votes)
They’re great! (30%, 190 Votes)
They’re good, but I won’t use them (6%, 36 Votes)
I don’t like the tools (2%, 19 Votes)

Total Voters: 644

I was surprised to see that so many of you said that you haven’t purchased SimCity yet. I’d definitely recommend giving it a chance as a lot of the bad press at launch was due to the server issues, which is behind us now. The game has had many updates that fixed things and added free content – and the team aren’t slowing down with those!

Our next poll is all about The Sims 4! So we’re going to ask you…

What was your reaction to The Sims 4’s release being pushed back to Fall 2014?

Excited – the team have more time to work on the game.
Not that bothered – doesn’t really affect me.
Not happy – I wanted The Sims 4 earlier!


  1. About not having purchased the new SimCity game: I will only evaluate to see if I want to purchase it after an offline mode is added. Being always online is, for me, an utter deal breaker.

  2. As with DarkWalker, sorry, I don’t rent games. If I want to play a game I spent $50+ on 20 years down the line, I should be able to. Always-online DRM is wrong, and a complete flip of the bird to potential customers. It can not be allowed to become industry standard, and the only way to ensure that, is to not purchase those products.

  3. Deal Breaker One: Always online/Internet required to play
    Deal Breaker Two: Cities too small, EA says they won’t be increased.
    Deal Breaker Three: DLC contains stuff that should be in the game by default
    Deal Breaker Four: Expansion already when game is still in need of a major overall.

    REsult: Will never buy SimCity and will put people off whenever I can to send a message to EA.

  4. @Spon1Player
    Yep, I know. And I will only look at whether or not to purchase the game after the offline mode is ready and delivered. Until then, I will be watching the game’s development from afar.

  5. I have a really iffy. slow internet connection and no chance of an upgrade anytime soon. I will consider purchasing if they add a offline option. The city size is also a concern.

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