I missed this the other day as I was running the roads, but wanted to share it as there seems to be quite a division between those that are loving the new Premium Contents for their rather lacking Casinos, or those that are pee-oed over a recolour and a spinning wheel. Posting this will either cause someone to change their ways and run over to pick it up, or cause a huge flaming war in the comments. Enjoy!

Check out what Producer Kelly (SimGuruKelly) has to say about the Double Down Poker and Roulette Bundle, which is now available on the Sims 3 Store!
When we created the Lucky Simoleon Casino with the Triple Riches O’ Jackpots Slot Machine and the Hit ‘em Harder Blackjack Table, I was in love. The new Gambling Skill and Build and Buy objects created plenty of fun storytelling opportunities. I had always wanted to bring a casino to The Sims 3 and our team had a blast putting it together.
After the release, it was clear to us that you all wanted more, more, MORE! Since WE love making things that YOU love, we couldn’t let these requests go unfulfilled. So we went back to the drawing board to figure out what else we could build to feed the need for a bigger variety of gambling options. At first it was hard because there are so many fun things in casinos – Craps, Keno, Pai Gow, Baccarat. In fact, I tried to convince management to fund a road trip to Las Vegas so we could do some proper research, but I lost that battle.  In the end, the choice became very clear. We dusted off the old Table-bots and created two brand new premium objects – Dead Man’s Hand Poker and Let it Ride Roulette Tables!
My personal favorite of the gambling objects is the Dead Man’s Hand Poker Table. It features a wealth of options that will keep your Sims happy. If you are creating a private room for high rollers, you may want to set the stakes to 10,000 Simoleons.  If you are having a poker night with your friends, maybe a 100 Simoleon buy-in is a bit more appropriate. If you find yourself on the losing end of most hands, you can build your Gambling Skill by Practicing your Poker Face! If all else fails, go ahead and Hack the table to force the odds in your favor.
Apparently this Sim is still learning the finer points of a successful poker face:
The Let it Ride Roulette Table rounds out the selection of gambling options. Instead of spitting out cards, the Table-bot dealer spits out the Roulette ball! Just like in real life, your Sims will be mesmerized by the spinning wheel, hoping that it lands on their number. The Table-bot is programmed to play fair, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from his demeanor.  He is just waiting patiently…waiting to take your Simoleons:
Remember too that if you don’t currently have any of the Gambling Premiums and would like to check them out, they’ve created a compilation containing all of the previous items (including the Lucky Simolean Casino Venue) and the two new pieces into the Up The Ante Compilation which is currently on sale.