It looks like Maxis hasn’t turned their backs on the modding community as Kip Katsarelis, Senior Producer on SimCity, has said mod support is “a possibility”.

Speaking to us earlier today, SimCity’s  Senior Producer Kip Katsarelis commented on how they are watching the community and possible ways to tackle modding. A Steamworks-like system for SimCity would appear to be the most obvious choice to bring mods to the community.

“From a development perspective, we’re not anti-mod. We’ve actually brought in some of our modding community before launch. We’ve talked to the modding community for both SimCity and the Sims, so it’s one of those things that, we need to get the core product out the door.”

“Valve’s Steamworks didn’t happen right away, these things take time and so we’re already watching what people are doing.”

“Yesterday I saw that someone has already decomposed some of our texture systems and re-textured some of the buses. We’re watching that stuff which is cool. We’re just not in a position right now to talk about modding in any real way just yet. We want to get the game solid and we’ll move forward from there.”

When we pressed Kip on some sort of Steamworks like system and more support for SimCity modding he added that it was ”a possibility”.

Having talked to Kip today, there’s lot in the pipeline for the game and you can read more about what’s happening with SimCity in our full interview which will be going live on Monday.