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The Sims Medieval is one of my favourite I’mboredsowhattodo games, and like many things I like the official page on Facebook. I also have notifications set up to email me when something happens even though it does get pretty spammy. It does lead to some interesting posts for BeyondSims sometimes though too, so maybe it’s a good thing!

Check out the tiniest little email I got earlier regarding Medieval, and throw me some ideas in the comments about what this could mean.


From the looks of it, I personally wondered if this means that they are changing the name to optimize Google/Facebook searches to plop people onto this generic “Sims” page. Since you can’t merge Facebook Pages (as of yet anyways), could it be that the whole Sims Experience as it were could be shifting to just a basic Sims Page?

Will The Sims 3, Medieval, The Sims 4, and any other pages be grouped into one, singular idea on Facebook?


This is all complete speculation of course, but it’s fun speculation at the least! Help feed my conspiracy theories in the comments below, OR sign up for our spanking new Non-Beta Forums and continue the discussion in our Medieval Section with me!


It seems like FreePlay is following suit:

Sort of makes my ‘congregating’ idea less crazy eh? While I wasn’t convinced, theblackscorpion showed me this link about combining pages when I was tossing around how to phrase this post, so maybe this next generation of Sims Facebook Pages will be just one page. A reader posted their languaged-version of my original email, so it looks like each language will have their own Super Page. Thanks to TBS for helping mull this over 🙂


And with that, I’m calling this as the last update on this topic for me!

This confirms that the speculated amalgamation will include main series as well as side series. Should make for a more organized news-source from The Sims Series!