I bet you’re asking yourself, “What is Origin Pass”. Right? Well it was a program and basically a way to stop people from re-selling their used games by limiting online and other features of a game to the original owner. Games that used this are Battlefield 3, SSX and etc. Basically it’s a type of DRM. Or at least that’s what it sounds like. Anyways, due to negative feedback, they’re getting rid of said Passes. w00t!


EAOrigin_LogoThe passes, which require a one-time activation to access online content, have been scrapped due to negative user feedback, according to EA senior director of corporate communications John Reseburg.

“Yes we’re discontinuing Online Pass,” Reseburg told GamesBeat. “None of our new titles will include that feature.”

The passes have been controversial due to their restricting access to content for second-hand buyers.


Thanks to SimsGalore for the tip!