SimCity has finally nailed down a release date for Mac; it will be launching June 11th. Below is a listing from the official FAQ, with the highlights being that all players will be able to interact with each other (on the same servers remember) regardless of the platform in which they are playing, there are no discernible differences between the two releases other than this version is not a port but an optimized edition for Mac OS, and that if you have already purchased the PC version you are entitled to download the Mac version for free (as per Origin’s new program). Unfortunately, the Mac version will be digital only.

Good news, Mac Mayors – today we can officially confirm the release date for the Mac version of SimCity is June 11, 2013. If you already own SimCity on PC, you will also receive the Mac version at no additional cost (and vice versa). If you don’t already own SimCity on PC and just wish to purchase the Mac version, you will be able to pre-purchase your copy on Origin starting April 10th.

Have any more questions? We’ve compiled a FAQ below that looks to answer all your questions. See you on June 11th, Mac Mayors.

Q: When will the Mac version be available?
A: SimCity for Mac will be available on June 11, 2013.

Q:Why is the Mac port launching later?
A: The Maxis studio is not producing a Mac port, but has created a native version that has been optimized for Mac OS.

Q: How will users purchase the Mac version?
A: SimCity for Mac will be available as a digital download via Origin. It will be available for pre-purchase on Origin starting April 10th, 2013. If players have already purchased the PC version of the game, then they will receive the Mac version automatically on June 11, with no additional purchase needed.

Q: Will the Mac version be available at retail?
A: The Mac version of SimCity will be available as a digital download only.

Q: What languages will be supported?
A: The Mac version supports all languages available in the PC version.

Q: Will the Digital Deluxe version be available for Mac?
A: Yes. You will be able to purchase the standard and Digital Deluxe versions for Mac.

Q: Does SimCity support cross-platform play between PC and Mac users?
A: Yes. Everyone is playing together on the same servers. That means PC and Mac users will be building cities alongside each other.

Q: If I have both a PC and a Mac, do I have to purchase two copies of the game if I want to play on both systems?
A: All players who registered their copy of SimCity will have access to both the PC and Mac versions of the game through Origin. Only one Origin account can be logged in at a time. No additional purchases are necessary.

Q: If I previously purchased a copy of SimCity for PC, do I need to purchase a copy for Mac, too?
A: All players who previously purchased a copy of SimCity for PC will find the Mac version already pre-entitled in their Origin accounts on June 11. No additional purchase is necessary.

Q: I bought the PC version of SimCity. How can I confirm I have the Mac version?
A: In Origin, on your “My Games” page, hover over SimCity and click the info button. You will then see SimCity on Mac in the “Add-ons & Bonuses” section. You will be able to download and play the Mac version on June 11.

Q: What system specs are you targeting with the Mac version?
A: Any user with LION OSX 10.7.5 and a Core 2 processor will be able to enjoy SimCity for Mac.

Q: Will the Mac version have any advantages or additions over the PC version?
A: The Mac version will have the same features as the PC version.

Q: Will the Mac version support Retina display?
A: We have not yet determined if we have Retina display support.

Q: Will there be a demo for the Mac version?
A: There is no demo currently planned for the Mac version.

Q: Will SimCity be available on any iOS devices?
A: SimCity is currently available for the PC and will be available on Mac on June 11, 2013.

Q: Can I take my existing cities that I have created on a PC and start playing with them on the Mac version of SimCity as well?
A: Yes. You will need to log in to the same server you first created your cities on. You will be able to pick up where you left off on.

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Along with this fairly awesome news for Mac users, the re-introduction of Cheeta Speed, and the upcoming update 2.0, it looks like the team is working hard to rectify any hard feelings since launch. “DRM Speak” aside, do you think that most fans now are still peeved at them.. or do you think that many are just playing follow-the-leader with nay-sayers?