Springtime means a few things; holidays caked in chocolate, probably more snow than you’d like, reeeeally funny April Fool’s Day jokes (seriously; High School Musical-esque ones at that), and National Grilled Cheese Month. A magazine named Woman’s Day declared April the month in which to celebrate that sandwich-of-broiled-cheese in North America, and as The Sims emulates real life, The Sims 3 is promoting Grilled Cheese all over the place and would like your help to do so!

From The Grilled Cheese Month With The Sims 3 Event

Happy National Grilled Cheese Month, Simmers!

But we’re calling this just regular Grilled Cheese Month because there are Simmers around the world .

Anyhoo – we want to continue the tradition of celebrating with everyone around the community – from the forums, our Facebook, and Twitter! So here, we want to see YOUR screenshots of your Sims preparing, serving, and of course EATING grilled cheese!

You can also join us on TheSims3.com in SimGuruHydra’s thread:

I have a theory that SimGuruHydra is taking the lead on this as most of the links from Facebook, Twitter, and the site’s forums shoot you over to the thread mentioned above. Hydra is also telling us to update our store wishlists if we post in the thread as we may be randomly gifted! You should really check it out, there are some pretty funny pics up! Simmers are also posting a bunch of themed shots on the Facebook Event, and Tweeting with the hashtag #TS3GrilledCheese2013!

I wanted to join in and get people to participate with me, so here’s one from my game to start you off. Tweet us your pics @BeyondSims, and link to your uploaded pics in the comments below or hit us up on our Facebook Page… let’s see those cheeses!